Telecom Italia is entering in a partnership with SCS World Class Cluster

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Telecom Italia is one of the major Telecom ant Internet operator in Europe and leader in Italy.

Interview of Ms Lucy Lombardi, Telecom Italia

Describe Telecom Italia activities?

Telecom Italia is a leading telecommunication operator and, directly or through its Affiliates, offers technological infrastructures and platforms in which voice and data are converted into advanced telecommunications services – as well as the latest ICT and Media solutions. These tools cater for the Group's as well as the country's growth. Telecom Italia, TIM, Virgilio, La7 and MTV Italia, Olivetti are the Group’s main brands, symbols familiar to consumers and a guarantee of reliability and skill.
Being close to customers and technological innovation are the hallmarks of the Group, caracterized by a streamlined organization that focuses on the quality of service, simple offers, attention to contact with customers and constant research activities in TILab laboratories.
In addition to its domestic leading position, the Group has a significant presence in Latin America, a market with large growth potential. Revenues from Brazil and Argentina count for 34% of today Group's revenues.

What are your objectives through this partnership?

The aims of cooperation are:

Pole SCS and Telecom Italia NFC Best Practices sharing;

Participation of Pole SCS selected industrial partners, in particular SME’s, in NFC experimentations and promotional events led by Telecom Italia in Italy in the field of proximity services;

The elaboration and presentation of joint R&D & innovative projects proposals in the applicable funding schemes (European, national, bilateral,…), relevant to the interests of both Parties and the industrial and research communities they represent respectively;

Organization by Pole SCS cluster of specific meetings with French public authorities (government representatives in charge of NFC, cities and other authorities that experiment NFC trials)

Which value do you see in SCS cluster?

Sharing of solutions and innovative user cases.

Opportunity for Telecom Italia to implement the shared NFC solutions also through Pole SCS commercial partners (lesson learned).

Systemic implementation of test beds and case histories (e.g. NFC cities deployments).

Sharing of assets to enable the ecosystem: skills, pilots and commercial solutions, business and commercial business models, test beds etc.

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