IoT & Security innovation Day


IoT & Security Innovation Day

International Conference

Campus SophiaTech – Sophia Antipolis (Access Plan)

Context & Objectives

The SCS cluster is organizing an international conference “IoT & security innovation Day” on November 26th in Sophia-Antipolis (southern France close to Nice)

The objective of this event is to tackle some of the obstacles linked to « Security on IoT » hindering development moving forward. Innovative and cutting-edge technologies on IoT market, case studies from key actors & end customers will be presented.

This conference will be the opportunity to:

Understand innovation & business requirements from key actors

Learn from profitable business models from local and international speakers on different vertical markets

Appreciate SCS Cluster positioning on IoT market and its differentiation

Meet european key actors on IoT during breaks and speed dating session

Draft Agenda

9h30 – Introduction

9h30 – Trends & Perspectives, Problems to solve to release the potential…on IoT from Big players

HP  – The Internet of Things matters to your business. Getting ready to capitalize on the Internet of Things

Internet 1.0 was about expanding connections between people and business. Internet 2.0 is about interactions and transactions between people and businesses. Internet 3.0 (or digital business) will be about seamless and smart interactions and transactions among people, businesses, and machines.

10h00 – Smart Car : security challenges in the automotive industry 

Renault – Security challenges in the smart car

Cybersecurity in connected car

European Privacy Association – Privacy & Data Protection in a Smart Cars' Environment and the European Regulation

The increasing introduction of information and communication technologies in cars, permanently connected to the Internet, opens a new era for car-transport. As much as Smart Cars can significantly improve safety, efficiency and drivers’ and passengers’ experience, they can also bring about a number of fundamental challenges to privacy and personal data protection. EPA wants to thoroughly investigate data protection-related issues concerning Smart Cars and identify possible ways to address them.

Giesecke & Devrient GmbH – Security & Connectivity for the connected car  

Visteon Software Technologies – The challenges of the IoT for the connected car

11h35 – Break/Networking

11h30 – Industry 4.0 : Security IoT challenges

Thales Services – Security: Industrial Expectations and Technological Challenges

For the next five years, a massive investment, done by Industry in Europe, consists in modernizing their production lines to Industry 4.0 : production connected in an IoT (Internet Of Thing) approach for data services (BigData, RealTimeData, MachineToMachine, Analytics, …). Three main drivers are identified : production gains, new business model, and cyber-security. Which priority ?  

Mobile Heights (Swedish Cluster) – The transformation of an industry: From handsets to IoT – how clusters can make a difference

The mobile industry has generated an immense body of engineering knowledge in wireless and connectivity technology in Europe. As mobile devices are becoming a commodity with the center of gravity now outside Europe, the challenge is to leverage the expertise of the mobile value chain into new verticals requiring connectivity solutions. Other industries need to absorb the mobile experience on topics such as wireless technologies, low power and device security to build solutions meeting the challenges of the Connected World to come. Cluster organizations can make a difference in this transformation process by driving projects to showcase the application of these technologies in new verticals and by bringing together industry players, academy and public entities otherwise not easily joining forces

Barco Silex (Belgium) – How to address successfully the high variety of applications on IoT market? Présentation Annulée

In the IoT growing market, one key element in the security is Public Key cryptography. One of the hottest topics is Elliptic curves which can be used in different schemes. The applications in the IoT market are very wide and the technical constraints can be very different in terms of functionalities, performances, latency, power, side channel attacks protection and cost. Public Key processing requires very large computation capability. Processors might be used to perform complex operations. However, the heavy processing load generated by Public Key cannot be addressed by CPUs without significantly degrading system performances or even make system unusable. Smart HW implementation can address those issues keeping with an optimal trade-off.

Keolabs – Security issues in the context of industrial and home appliance market sectors

IoTize project: we are working IoT connectivity technology and related security issues.In the context of this project, I am proposing a presentation about these security issues, notably in the context of industrial and home appliance market sectors

12h30 – Pitch SME

– Feeligreen Dermo Innovation – Feeligreen invents IoT-C, the Internet of Things applied to Cosmetics

– Ionosys – Security Solutions for Smart Industry

– URAEUS Consult – Smart Health and Cybersecurity

– KeeeX

– Innova Card

– Easy Global Market

– TAGES – Securing intellectual property of IoT players

13h00 – Lunch/Networking

14h00 – Output of the IoT Worshop of November 10th and Roadmap proposal for 2016

14h30 – IoT devices vs. infrastructures/services security challenges

IoT Devices

Inside Secure – Security : Flexible level of protection required for the internet of things

Concerns over IoT security and privacy are shared by the majority of the ecosystem Even if IOT is an emerging and fragmented market, Security is at the heart of every application. All IOT Devices will need security but different levels of protection and will need to be adapted to the type of potential attacks. To solve this issue, we will cover what is a complete secure architecture for an IoT Device. What are the different security implementations possible and what are the benefits for IoT device makers and the IoT ecosystem. ?

Rambus – A Cryptographically Secure On-Chip Firewall for Memory Address Space Control

CEA Tech and ENSMSE – Securing the IoT jungle

In this presentation, we shall review the security challenges raised by IoT infrastructures and shall share some ‘out-the-box’ thoughts about technologies that must be developed now to have a secure, scalable, upgradable and trusted network of interconnected ubiquitous objects.


Gemalto – IoT : it all starts with Trust !

Com4Innov – Assess security from sensors to API: Forewarned is Forearmed!

Orange – How IoT exposes legacy infrastructures (IT & Networks)

16h00 – Speed dating

17h45 – End

Speakers Confirmed

Mobile Heights – Ola Svedin, CEO



HP – Yanick Pouffary, Distinguished Technologist and Chief Technologist, Network and Mobility Services


CEA Tech – Jacques Fournier, researcher in embeded systems security



Keolabs – Steve Gussenhoven, MCU Account & Marketing Manager

ENSMSE – Nadia El Mrabet, Maitre Assistant en Informatique et Cryptographie


Giesecke & Devrient GmbH – Volker Gernstenberger, Product Marketing Manager

Eu Privacy Association (Belgium) – DR Paolo Balboni, Scientific Director


Thales Services
Patrice Lamotte, Pôle Energie Industrie Services



Ionosys – Stéphane Blondeau, CEO


Feeligreen – Christophe Bianchi, CEO

Inside Secure – Mikaël Dubreucq, IoT Marketing Director


Gemalto – Laurent Manteau, Telecom Program Director

Orange – Jean-Philippe Wary, End-to-End Security & Dependability Research Program

STMicroelectronics – Laurent Perier, Strategic Business Development Director India

Barco Silex – Sébastien Rabou, Product Manager



Rambus – Roberto Rivoir, Director of Security Development



Renault – Witold Klaudel, R&D Innovation Manager



KeeeX – Laurent Henocque, CEO

Innova Card – Yann Loisel, Security Architect Manager


Easy Global Market – Franck Le Gall, CEO



Uraeus Consult – Edmond Cissé, IS Risk Manager


Visteon Software Technologies – Pierre Sigrist, Advanced Innovation Software Lead


Com4Innov – Denis Rousset, Operational Director



TAGES – Vincent Lefebvre, CEO



Contact Audrey Rivollet-Erétéo before November 18th

Free for SCS Cluster members and 50€ without taxes for others.


Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Bâtiment Le Forum

Campus SophiaTech – 450 route des Chappes – 06410 Sophia Antipolis

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