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SCS cluster awarded with the ESCP charter for leading the Digital Industry Strategic Cluster partnership

New internationalization actions on behalf of our SME


SCS cluster has been awarded with the ESCP-4i (European Strategic Cluster Partnership going International) label for its newly created Digital Industry Strategic Cluster partnership (DISCp) during the launching event on the 20th and 21th of February in Brussels with the EASME (European agency for SMEs)

This partnership gathers 3 ICT clusters (SCS, GAIA in Spain and in Portugal) and 3 industrial clusters (MESAP in Italy, BalticNet-Plasmatec in Germany and MITC in Sweden).

It aims at further expanding SMEs offer for industry 4.0 in Europe and abroad. SCS cluster also takes part in the AdPack² ESCP which addresses advanced packaging technologies, with a similar objective. More information HERE

These two sectors are linked to each other: the packaging of products is part of the industrial processes, and a smart packaging allows for a better management, storage and inventoring, tracking, and logistical supply of ends products.

Mutualisation of actions and cross sectorial activities are expected from these two partnerships, for the benefit of SMEs that will benefit from internationalisation services (matchmaking and partnering, missions abroad to access new markets).

Lubos Komarek (Nanoprogress cluster) representing the AdPack2 partnership, Guillaume Roux (SCS cluster), Àlex Brossa Enrique (Packaging Cluster)

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