SCS wins 2 new European Projects – Cyber Secure Light & Alliance

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These two projects funded by the COSME European Program gather partners from several European countries.

They concern especially IoT, Cybersecurity technologies and markets like smart building, military, aerospace and robotics fields.


Cyber ​​Secure Light Project


SCS cluster has been awarded with ESCP-S3 partnership Cyber Secure Light project. The consortium partnership comprises of seven clusters from six different countries featuring; secured communications (Pôle SCS ‘France’) construction and intelligent buildings (SGG ‘Slovenia’, SIPH ‘Poland’ and DOMOTYS ‘Spain’), smart lighting (RI LiV ‘Italy’ and ELCA ‘Italy’) and renewable energy and building (ARCHENERG ‘Hungary’).

The objective of the project is to involve all the smart building value chain, namely digital lighting in order to increase the cross-sectoral fertilization to trigger the integration of IoT-enabled devices in the lighting systems ; home automation. The benefits relate to digital lighting systems that can lead to a better use of spaces, maintenance improvement, reduction of energy consumption within the integrated Building Management Systems ; cyber security protocols to implement the best practices in cybersecurity for wireless lighting control.

In direct reference to SCS cluster SMEs members, Cyber Secure Light aims to develop a Joint Cluster Partnership Strategy to pursue proactive and business-oriented cross-sector cooperation of SMEs and clusters of the IoT smart building value chain, focused on smart lighting security aspects. The consortium will adopt the interclustering approach to exploit synergies, common assets, innovation sources and financing opportunities to bring the interregional B2B and C2C cooperation to the next level and mobilise joint smart investment.



Alliance for International Business Development of Advanced Materials and CoNnectivity for DefenCe and SEcurity Markets

SCS Cluster proudly announces its new 2-year-EU-funded project Alliance that fosters internationalisation of European SMEs in defence & security markets.

The initiative will support the innovative products on advanced materials and connectivity for dual use, such as aerospace, soldier systems, robotics. ALLIANCE involves a seven-partners consortium between French, Italian and Dutch clusters (TECHTERA, SAFE cluster, NTT – Next Technology Tecnotessile, CS-PO.IN.TEX – CITTA Studi SPA, SIIT – Societa Consortile Per Azioni Siglabile SIIT SCPA and SCS cluster).

The project’s objective is to create dual technology transfer initiatives between the civilian and military sectors, to bring out innovations, to make our companies and leaders in this field, and export these new products. From Pôle SCS SMEs perspective the projects methodology is based on supporting the exportation of products and services to final markets or to global integrators within three target countries (Japan, Republic of Korea and USA).

The ALLIANCE consortium is fully committed to the aims and objectives of the EU defence and cluster support policies and already projects itself into a sustainable partnership and collaboration by engaging a process for the creation of a European metacluster in the domain of Advanced Materials, ICT and the emerging domain of connected materials, for security and defence applications that will be launched on the back of the Joint Internationalisation Strategy.


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