Digital Security – European Cybersecurity Act becomes effective

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Final adoption of the Cybersecurity Act: a success for European strategic autonomy

A decisive advance


In the spring of 2019, after two years of discussions and negotiations between European countries, commission and deputies, an ambitious European Cybersecurity Act has been launched: the Cybersecurity Act (COM 2017-477).



This legislation, in the form of a regulation, is binding on all European countries and all players wishing to market digital products in Europe.

It aims to create a reference framework to certify the level of security of digital products and systems including the Internet of Things.

It also gives significant resources and powers to the European Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA), particularly in the context of the establishment of standards, methods and levels of security certification.

Some SCS actors are recognized experts in the field of digital security and will be able to seize this regulation to disseminate their technologies in the digital world. Other players in the SCS cluster will be able to rely on this regulation to offer secure digital products certified by government agencies, which will not fail to provide them with differentiating advantages, particularly with their customers and prospects.




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