SCS joins Silicon Europe Alliance Management

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SCS is proud to announce its CEO Georges Falessi nomination as Silicon Europe Alliance Chairman.

A new recognition for SCS and its ecosystem 

Silicon Europe Alliance brings together the 12 main clusters and their European ecosystems in microelectronics and digital technologies.  This network of clusters brings together more than 2,500 industrial and research members representing more than 400,000 jobs and is the recognized voice of SMEs in the field of micro and nanoelectronics in Europe.
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« Our goal is to create transnational innovation and business opportunities among all alliance members and add value to the applications implemented by micro and nanoelectronic and software technologies. In the short terms, we are going to structure a global offer bringing together the industry’s acceleration platforms as well as industry 4.0 continuing training courses in response to Europe’s expectation of Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIH).  Beyond this nomination, it’s the notoriety and the technological excellence of SCS regional ecosystem that are recognized at the European level. » declares Georges Falessi.

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