IoT4Industry – IoT for new cross-sectoral value chains

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SCS feedback from the daily webinars of the “European Alliance Against Coronavirus”

Webinar 18 June, 2020

Guillaume Roux, SCS Innovation Europe Manager, spoke during an international webinar hosted by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform which groups and connects all European clusters.

The discussion focused on the IoT for new cross-sectoral value chains;

In this context, SCS presented its feedback as coordinator of the European Project IoT4Industry. The goal of the project is to connect and encourage collaboration between relevant innovation actors from industrial and IoT sector in order to modernise the production capabilities in SMEs and increase competitiveness of companies through more efficient, smart and agile production

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IoT4Industry key figures


  1. A partnership of 7 European clusters
  2. 84 SME’s involving
  3. 17 EU countries
  4. 29 Industrial sectors
  5. 40 projects are funded, 90% of the project are transnationals, and 95% are close to market



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