IoT4NR, predictive maintenance for naval industry

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European project involving INOUid, Kontron and ISEN Méditerranée-Yncréa, SCS members

End of Project Visit & European Recognition for IoT4Industry

As part of the call for European demonstrators IoT4Industry launched in April 2018 and coordinated by SCS, around forty transnational and collaborative projects have been developed and funded for a total budget of over 3.6 million euros.

Among them, IoT4NR – IoT Solution for Naval Repair – led by the company INOUid, integrator, designer of Industrial IoT solutions, from sensor integration to data-visualization, accelerator of digital transformation of Industry (4.0) and member of the SCS Cluster.

This European project, labeled by the Pôle Mer PACA, brings together several industrial and academic players, including Kontron and ISEN Médirerranée– Yncréa, SCS members as well as Foselev, HTC, Dataswai and Propulsion Engineering.




The objectives of the project are to create a demonstrator of a marine maintenance and repair solution for boats and major repair tools (as docks or cranes). This demonstrator is integrating innovative (IoT) wireless sensors (vibrations, temperatures, water or hydraulic oil level…), LoRa communication gateway and local/cloud-based software platform, with ergonomic Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) adapted to the different operators and optimised using innovative video technics. The focus is mainly on rotating machines, main cause of failures (like pumps, propellers, electric motors). This modular local and SAAS solution will detect potential failures and predict maintenance or repair. This will also allow to keep all history of repairs and maintenance on equipment for a more efficient follow up of assets. On boats, real planned maintenance is performed, allowing decisions on data thanks to reliable data history. On the legacy infrastructures (major tools), the solution will allow preventing unexpected problems and delayed repairs through predictive maintenance and monitoring to avoid damaging the boat. Finally, on the business side, data historization and predictive maintenance will drive customer trust and loyalty, and will give a key advantage for worldwide competition.




On July 23 at La Seyne-sur-Mer on the Cimat Foselev Marine site, SCS and all IoT4NR players and supporters were able to see in real time the results of the project deployed on board the Castor 02, a support vessel for offshore works 50 meters long, dynamically positioned, built in 1970, and a recent floating dock 60 meters long and a lifting capacity of 1000 tons, allowing the maintenance of vessels , yachts and other naval platforms, and housing the control room.

In total, more than forty sensors have been deployed on this heavy equipment, with all the associated AI and communication infrastructure, in very constrained environments (closed environment, metallic, with a great distance between different sites from the gangway to the ship’s hold, etc.).

The validation of this demonstrator and IoT4NR project opens up promising marketing prospects for the project partners, including INOUid, in the naval sector but also more generally in the field of industrial maintenance.


Ship Castor 02

Floating Dock

INOUid’s General Manager Didier Briand shows the centralized data in real time on the floating dock.




SCS had the honor to present IoT4Industry during 2 European webinars:

  1. On 18th June on the European Alliance against Coronavirus Daily Webinar, where Pole SCS introduced IoT4Industry experience presented its vision of the strategic role of EU initiatives to sustain SMEs in the 4.0 transition
    Record is available HERE
  2. On 30 June at the “Clusters for Next Generation EU: Dialogue between European Commissioner Thierry Breton and the European Clusters Alliance“, where we presented the results of IoT4Industry and the key role of clusters in the economic recovery plan that the European Commission will launch after Covid_19
    Recording of the event  HERE




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