SCS founding member of EnSure Collaborative for a secure and secure digital ecosystem in Europe

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Official launch of EnSure Collaborative, a new network of European clusters specializing in Security

During International Conference MCSC (Munich Cyber Security Conference) – Cyber{IN}security – Rethinking Cyber Strategies in Tumultuous Times, April, 29 and 30, 2021


This inter-cluster grouping,  in which SCS is fully engaged, covers a wide variety of sectors and subjects.

While security and safety are fundamental for any digital service and system, the group’s work also focuses on information and cybersecurity at the heart of the challenges of the digital economy, with the aim of contributing to the creation of a digital ecosystem secure and safe in Europe


EnSure Collaborative  brings together seven European clusters leaders and specialists in security, bringing together the best skills of the continent in the scientific, academic, market and public sector fields. They have been involved in the creation and development of EnSure Collaborative since 2015, and have just formalized their common commitment by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Main Objectives


  • Interconnect European ecosystems in the field of security and safety including cybersecurity
  • Encourage research and innovation to cement and enrich the competitiveness of the European market
  • Provide a space for discussion and collaboration by supporting and encouraging links between its members


Joint international R&D and innovation projects within the framework of Horizon Europe are just one outcome of this initiative, contributing to the common European effort in achieving expertise and technological progress within the digital agenda of the EU Commission.


7 European clusters





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> Access  HEREI to international event MCSC (Munich Cyber Security Conference) – Cyber{IN}security – Rethinking Cyber Strategies in Tumultuous Times

> Contact : Marielle Campanella

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