WebTech#SCS – Cybersecurity: Protection of sensitive data and automatic metrics

Digital Event

Become familiar with the latest innovations in terms of Cybersecurity

Friday 16 september 2022 – 11:00 am to 12:30 am

Protecting sensitive data, by preventing intrusions from connected devices, data leaks or by performing an automated audit of the security posture of (industrial) software is key. This avoids financial losses, regulatory fines, etc

You will discover within this Webtech the innovative technologies of strong authentication, and encryption of SIKUR but also the development method SSDLC (Secure Software Development Live Cycle) based on the notion of continuous progress.

Who says continuous progress implies measurement to qualify this progress. MOABI offers fully automated software/binary security posture audits without owning the source code. They are based on 7 metrics representative of industry best practices.



  • Introduction and last news SCS


  • Market Overview of Cybersecurity Technologies


  • Regards croisés :

> SIKUR – Intervention in English

– Expertise in cybersecurity for connected objects
– Customer testimonial


– What is SSDLC (Secure Software Development Live Cycle) development method
– Expertise on automated security audits
– Customer testimonial


  • Q/A session



  • Alexandre Vasconcelos – SDL Director LATAM / SIKUR
  • Jean Michel Brossard – CEO MOABI
  • David Daussin – Directeur Innovation &Partenariats MOABI
  • Céline Auger – Responsable admin. Formation Continue Centrale Marseille




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