Clusters for Smart  Grid

SCS cluster is involved in the CLUSGRID project – Clusters for Smart Grids, funded under the COSME Cluster Excellence programme of the European Commission.

This project aims at improving management of the clusters of the consortium to provide better services to their SMEs in the smart grids value chain.

The partnership gathers 6 cluster from Poland, Bulgaria, Spain and France. The role of SCS cluster, as the only Gold Label cluster, is to mentor the other cluster towards excellence through best practice exchange in terms of cluster management, ecosystem animation, innovation catalyst, internationalisation…

This project benefits to SCS cluster’s SMEs through the improvements of its own services offered to its members especially in terms of internationalisation but also through the connection opportunities with other clusters’ ecosystems in ICT and efficient energy.


Events :


  • Cluster training 26-28th April 2017, Berlin
  • Study visit of SECARTYS, 6-7th November 2017, Barcelone
  • Grow your Region conference, 8-9th November 2017, Valencia
  • Cluster training 7-8th June 2018, Sophia-Antipolis and Nice
  • Final project presentation, 7th Eastern Europe Inititatives Congress, Lublin (Pologne), 24-25th September 2018


Project details  :


  • Programm : COSME
  • Duration : 16/11/2016 till 15/11/2018
  • Coordinator : East Development Agency Co.


Partnership :



Communication :




Contact :


Marielle Campanella –


The Clusgrid project has received funding from the European Union’s Cosme  programme under grant agreement n° 731113