Key Technologies

Contactless Technologies

Capitalizing on leading technological players in the cradle of smart cards, the SCS Cluster is at the heart of contactless RFID and NFC technologies in France and internationally.

De nouvelles applications et de nouveaux usages du RFID et de la NFC se développent grâce au Pôle SCS.

Contactless technologies: Deployment of large-scale uses

The NFC power

The majority of the latest-generation smartphones natively integrate an NFC function. The power of this potentially far-reaching technology will allow for a great many uses, thereby improving people’s quality of life (e.g. communicating, real-time interaction, greater networking, reduced repetitive movements, etc.).

The technological and practical convergence of connected mobile objects will promote the deployment of new applications and new uses.

SCS capitalise sur des acteurs technologiques leaders dans le berceau de la carte à puce

RFID: An evolving technology

The technologies associated with RFID and its historic fields of application (logistics, traceability, etc.) are now moving towards new uses that bring with them renewed technological challenges (dual frequency, operating endurance, tag size, reading distance, security, data protection and so on).
All these technologies constitute the last link in a completely interconnected world.

Faced with these trends, the emergence of new markets, the arrival of the Internet of Things and advances in miniaturization and endurance technologies, the SCS Cluster seeks to build on its leadership in “Contactless technologies” and focuses on the challenges of securing the Internet of Things and data protection.

Major technological challenges

Energy Harvesting

Authentication and encryption

Trusted Service Management (TSM) for service management and portability

Cloud Computing

Miniaturization of antennas

  • A network of 60 partners
  • 70% of startups and SMEs
  • 200 Million € of R&D invested
  • 39 R&D projects funded up to 76 million €
  • Networking of 600 partners

Technologies for high-growth markets

To access markets and customers, the SCS Cluster has since 2013 launched “Market Meetings” with technology providers and major contractors for networking, for project launch or Proof Of Concepts.

These target markets are:

  • Health
  • Mass market Retail and e-retail
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Smart City