Key Technologies

Internet of Things, mobile networks and services

Beyond the mobile Internet, IoT is the next major network revolution… and the SCS Cluster ecosystem is a leading community in this field.

SCS aide aux financements de toutes les innovations relativres aux Objets Conenctés.

The new challenges of mobile networks and services

The craze for data exchange

In the space of a few decades, networks and mobile services have been deployed massively for the benefit of consumers. Users are now increasingly enthusiastic for social media and data. Fixed and mobile telephone networks thus face new challenges, from managing communications (classical telephony) to managing actual presence (mobility, connectivity and data volumes).

L’IoT grand public ou industriel constitue la prochaine grande révolution des réseaux.

The deployment of connected objects

The Internet of Things revolution

Beyond the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things (fixed or mobile), consumer or industrial represent the next “big thing” for networks. This in turn opens up a great many challenges in terms of architecture and integration of new technologies in these networks, but also in the fields of energy consumption management, miniaturization of sensors, integration of IPv6 in objects, and the possibility of producing M2M solutions suited to the various market sectors.
Deployments of connected objects and sensors planned in all sectors of the economy in the context of the IoT will lead to a massive proliferation of datas that will be sent back to the IT infrastructure. Already, more than 2.5 trillion bytes of data are daily produced and it is increasing exponentially.

Big Data technologies

The challenge of trust and security

The processing, organization, classification, cleaning, traceability and all the operations that will make this data “smart” and “safe” are the big issues for Big Data technologies.
For that, 4 key technological challenges of Big Data:

  • Volume: what volumes of data to process and store?
  • Velocity: For some sensitive processes, Big Data technologies need to be used in real time.
  • Variety: structured or unstructured data? What formats and standards?
  • Veracity: What levels of confidence in the data and results obtained?

Building trust and security in Big Data is a key challenge in view of the variety and increasing number of sources.

Major technological challenges

Management and optimization of energy consumption

Interoperability and convergence of networks and technologies

performance and control over new content with Big Data

Working groups dedicated to IoT and Big Data

The SCS Cluster has set up working groups dedicated to IoT and Big Data to encourage IoT innovations and animate innovative projects around Big Data.
SCS thus promotes the development and financing of use cases and IoT solutions, particularly in the field of “IoT security”. The 130 IoT & Big data partners represent a leading IoT ecosystem in France.


  • A network of 130 partners
  • 85% of startups et PMEs
  • 125 million € R&D invested in 33 R&D projects funded up to 48 million €
  • Networking of 1 300 partners

Technologies for high-growth markets

To access markets and customers, the SCS Cluster has since 2013 launched “Market Meetings” with technology providers and major contractors for networking, for project launch or Proof Of Concepts.

These target markets are:

  • E Health
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Smartgrids
  • Digital Industry
  • Smart City