Key Technologies

Security & digital identities

Essential for secured communicating solutions, security issues and digital identities are at the heart of contactless technologies and Internet of Things technologies from Big Data to Artificial Intelligence.

SCS place les enjeux de sécurité et identités numériques sont au cœur des technologies du Sans Contact, à l’Internet des Objets en passant par le Big data et l’intelligence artificielle.

The Security is at the heart of the challenges of the digital economy

More and more areas concerned by data protection

Positioned at the very heart of the digital economy stakes, this topic will become even more critical with the development of the diverse domains concerned by issues associated with the protection of sensitive and/or personal data.

Presently among them, and at varying degrees of maturity, are care for the elderly (house automation), energy saving (smart electric meters), personalized medical monitoring (personal medical record), online advertising and personalized services (online commercial incentive), geolocalization and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

SCS regroupe les acteurs des solutions communicantes sécurisées.

The challenge of data protection

Security & Digital Identities are therefore key to our economy and our future: at stake is the protection of sensitive and/or personal data belonging to states, private companies and citizens.
The 2016 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens and regulates data protection at a supranational level. Identity and data security will also be crucial in the development of the Internet of Things for user trust.

Technological major challenges

Secure multi-access storage and authentication

Remote certificate management (initiation, renewal, update)

The whole secure system, the interference, multiplication, size and range of antennas

Secure element



  • A network of 70 partners
  • 70% of startups and SMEs
  • 270 million € R&D invested in 42 R&D projects funded up to 100 million €
  • Networking of 700 partners

Technologies for high-growth markets

To access markets and customers, the SCS Cluster has since 2013 launched “Market Meetings” with technology providers and major contractors for networking, for project launch or Proof Of Concepts.

These target markets are:

  • E-Administration / E-Government
  • Consumer Electronics
  • SmartGrids / SmartMeters
  • Health
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Smart city