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I want to develop an innovative project

Do you have an innovative product or service project in the field of microelectronics, internet of things, digital security ou artificial intelligence ? Looking for funding and partners?

More than 250 projects supported by the SCS project team were granted with public funding for more than € 400 million in total.

SCS invites you to study your project in order to identify the most relevant public funding window for your project and accompanies you to increase the quality of your file and increase the chances to obtain financing.



Pass project : one to one support and SCS motivated letter of support for the funder (duration according to the project – minimum 15 days)

Certification: one to one support and official SCS certification for the funder (duration: minimum 2 months)

Do you need to design electronic chips or circuits, develop manufacturing processes, integrate chips into objects?

You can benefit from:

  • cooperative research tools at a controlled and attractive costs for the latest generation of softwares
  • machines and advanced technological tools
  • technical expertise



Platform CONCEPTION CIM PACA: The platform “Design” is used to design electronic chips as part of  the secure objects

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Platform CARACTERISATION CIM PACA: The platform “Characterization” is dedicated to the chip manufacturing processes

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Platform MICRO-PACKS CIM PACA: The platform “Micro-Packs” is dedicated to chip integration into objects

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STARTUPS, SME : your data and Artificial Intelligence can boost your growth

  • Identify your areas of value creation by exploiting your data and AI
  • How to create new products / services with AI? or develop a new business model ?
  • How much data is needed? What computing resources ? …



For more information on the funding of innovative projects, and the development of R & D projects, contact us



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