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CES 2017: Sensineo

CES 2017: ZiBlue

CES 2017

Interview with Stéphanie Schohn: SCS Cluster Ecosystem & Innovation Manager

TrusTech 2016

Interview with Georges Falessi, General Manager of the SCS Cluster and Caroline Pozmentier, Deputy Mayor of Marseille and Vice-President of the PACA Region (Security and Prevention)

Top TIC 2016

Round Table Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Objects: the 3rd revolution that affects all players in the economy


Interview with Fabienne DeToma on the LB Retail SCS Cluster

SME Partners & Business Meetings


Démo LTE / IMS

Presentation SCS Cluster Innovation Strategy

Interview Olivier Chavrier

Private Security Interview with Olivier Chavrier - AccesSecurity 2015 Marseille

Programm Start In Post

Presentation of member companies SCS Cluster

Presentation of LB E-Health

Presentation of our LB E-Health at the International RFID Congress in Marseille