Visibility & notoriety

I want to make my startup visible

You want to network? find partners? to talk about you? The SCS Cluster helps you to make yourself known.

The SCS Cluster gives you access to almost 310 players in the field of digital technology and assists you in your search for business and / or technological partners.

As a SCS member, we can help you identifying the partner(s) able to meet your needs, and help creating a relationship with the appropriate members of our ecosystem.

It is through local, national and international events that the SCS Cluster will help you meet and deal with your future partners or clients.

We propose:

  1. Market Meetings
  2. Thematic Work Groups
  3. R&D information Meetings
  4. Awareness Sessions

Have a look at the agenda!

You are looking for high visibility and media coverage?

The SCS Cluster gives you access to a range of services

  1. Relay your latest news and events on our Website and/or in our Microelectronics half-yearly Newsletter
  2. Take part in Press conferences dedicated to companies that exhibit in major international trade shows
  3. Highlight your company news on our social networks Pole SCS (Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin)

The SCS Cluster’s mission is to promote research activities, products and services developed by its community.

To that extent, the SCS Cluster designs and releases paper and digital catalogs dedicated to R&D projects and products from projects.


Catalog featuring R&D projects and products on the market


Catalog (in French) to show the impact of collaborative R&D projects featuring completed R&D projects and products from projects.

Catalog featuring technological offers for the Digital Industry

We want to:

  • enhance and show the technological offers from high innovative companies on the digital factory market,
  • foster networking with integrators and end user companies,
  • help building proof of concepts, pilots and demonstrators leading to successful business relationships

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Strategy and Open Innovation

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