Business Compliance


SCS supports you in protecting your know-how and your information system.


As a startup and innovative SME in a cutting-edge technological sector, I develop know-how, patents, methods which constitute barriers to entry for competition and which represent a very important value.

This information is found in one way or another on a computer information system and / or in the cloud.
Due to my limited resources, I have no or few people and resources dedicated to protecting this information. I am therefore potentially more exposed to malicious actions that would threaten my activity and my growth.

So it is essential and vital to protect yourself well.

To help you increase the level of control of your Cybersecurity risks, SCS supports you and provides you with:

  • Sensitization informations and good practices
  • Personalized support specially designed for SCS digital companies
  • The best cybersecurity experts in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region selected by SCS
  • Public co-funding from DIRECCTE PACA in line with the national economic security policy
  • ANSSI’s expertise in support of this action


SCS Support


  1. A Flash Audit of your cybersecurity risk management over 3 individual days – Offer valid for 12 SMEs
  2. A dedicated support for the implementation of one or two priority actions identified over 3 individual days – Offer valid for 6 SMEs having followed the audit


Detailed Brochure (in French)



Stéphanie SCHOHN

Event and Ecosystem Director

+33 4 42 53 82 84
+33 6 89 96 19 11


  • 45% of French SMEs / SMIs have not increased their investments in digital security (Ifop – Kaspersky Labs Survey)
  • 55% of SMEs / SMIs have been attacked (according to Hub One, 2019 study)
  • Attacks target sensitive business data in more than 30% of the time (according to Hub One, study 2019)
  • Increasingly numerous and sophisticated attacks such as ” ransomware”, “attaque au président” and “phishing”

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