Key Technologies


SCS regroupe les acteurs de la Microélectronique

Microelectronics at the service of enterprises digital transformation


The Microelectronics/Electronics sectors are the core industrial and technological platform for the digital revolution and the energy transition. The major application markets need more and more electronics such as the automotive sector in relation to electrical or autonomous vehicle.

SCS capitalise sur des acteurs technologiques leaders dans le berceau de la carte à puce

At the same time, new customers enter the market to develop « smart » products or processes and to deliver new applications based on data generation, transmission and processing.

Major technological challenges

Low-power architectures

Multi-communication systems

Printed electronics

Bioelectronics (organic electronics)

Heterogeneous System Packaging 

Microcontroller with embedded AI decision making engine 

Energy harvesting (located or not, instant or not)

Sensors and actuators

Equipments and new materials for More Moore and More Than Moore electronic technologies


SCS has set up a dedicated working group to encourage innovations and R&D projects around Microelectronics.

  • A network of 50 partners
  • 40% of startups and SMEs
  • 530 Million € of R&D invested in 100 R&D projects funded up to 190 million €
  • 21% turnover annual growth over the past 5 years

Technologies for high-growth markets

To access markets and customers, the SCS Cluster has since 2013 launched “Market Meetings” with technology providers and major contractors for networking, for project launch or Proof Of Concepts.

These target markets are:

  • Health
  • Smart Cities
  • Industry 4.0
  • Transport and Mobility
  • Smart Vehicle