The SCS Ecosystem

SCS Cluster key technologies

Key technologies for SCS players focus on major technologies in the areas of Contactless, Mobile Networks & Services, Internet of Things and Big Data as well as Security and Digital Identities.

Contactless is a short-range wireless communication technology operating at different frequencies: LF, HF, UHF. It uses a technological process based on electromagnetic coupling between an interrogator (reader) and a contactless object under different form factors: tag, card, inlays.

We talk about RFID, NFC and contactless technology, components and subsystems. The so-called mixed technologies combining electromagnetic coupling and transmission assisted by microbatteries are also areas covered by SCS.

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the 3rd revolution in the development of the internet and digital world. It will strongly impact the economy by creating new breakthroughs and new uses in all economic sectors. The technologies in the IoT are numerous and consist of measuring, collecting, analyzing, restoring data, and triggering appropriate actions in return. They are based on Big Data technologies, also specialties of the SCS Cluster.

Digital security encompasses all the actions taken to secure identities and data transmitted across networks and published online, as well as online and mobile connection technologies and electronic transactions. Digital identities are the same as real identity for sovereign needs, for e-services and for social networks.

All of these technologies allow the development of the Internet of Things with trust.