Key Technologies

Digital Security

SCS place les enjeux de sécurité et identités numériques sont au cœur des technologies du Sans Contact, à l’Internet des Objets en passant par le Big data et l’intelligence artificielle.

The Security is at the heart of the challenges of the digital economy


Digital security is necessary to build trust in the economic world and for the citizen, especially for; identity management; access management; biometrics; transactions; digital communications; IoT objects; connected vehicles; industrial processes and logistics; transports; and networks for smart cities, etc. Indeed, digitalization of the economy leads to more vulnerability due to more sophisticated and large scale attacks.

SCS regroupe les acteurs des solutions communicantes sécurisées.

All these technologies guarantee a trustful Internet of Things.

Technological major challenges

Light cryptography algorithm implementation, countermeasures and low energy impact protection

Post-quantum cryptography

Customizable and adaptable security architecture development and concepts 

IoT objects customization, key distribution, connected object lifecycle, secured update

Security and trust for embedded AI based systems

Integrity demonstration programs for HW, FW and SW end product components


SCS has set up a dedicated working group to encourage innovations and R&D projects around Digital Security.


  • A network of 50 partners
  • 60% of startups and SMEs
  • 316 million € R&D invested in 60 R&D projects funded up to 108 million €
  • 19% turnover annual average growth over the 5 past years

Technologies for high-growth markets

To access markets and customers, the SCS Cluster has since 2013 launched “Market Meetings” with technology providers and major contractors for networking, for project launch or Proof Of Concepts.

These target markets are:

  • Health
  • Smart Cities
  • Industry 4.0
  • Transport and Mobility
  • Smart Vehicle