Calls for projects

Calls for R&D projects

Various calls for projects are under way to finance your innovation projects, such as the FUI and RAPID calls for projects at national level, and the Horizon2020 device at European level.

The SCS Cluster assists you in identifying calls and building your files, in order to maximize your financing possibilities.

Regional and national calls for projects

Calls to R&D projects Types of projects Budget Duration Funding Calendar
PSCP-Regions (ex-FUI)logo Regions de FranceCollaborative1 to 4 M€2 to 4 years2/3 grants and 1/3 repayable advances (overall project)Call for projects fixed date, closing: 11/09/2019
Regional Innovation Partnership (PRI) – Development & IndustrializationMono-partner, downstream stage of developments and industrialization> 200 K€2 years max.Refundable advanceRun-of-water deposit until the funds are exhausted
Regional Innovation Partnership (PRI) – FeasibilityMono-partner, upstream stage of developments> 200 K€1 year max.SubventionsRun-of-water deposit until the funds are exhausted
RAPIDCollaborative or not, targeting civil and military applications500 K€ to 4 M€18 to 36 monthsGrants according to the TRL of the project and the type of company up to 80%Filing projects run-of-river
Innovation Contest i-Novmono-partner SME600 K€ to 5 M€1 to 3 yeras2/3 Grants & 1/3 repayable advancesCall for Projects on a fixed date; Closing date 08/10/2019

European calls for projects

Calls to R&D projects Types of projects Budget Duration Funding Calendar
Eureka NetworkAppel à projets EurekaCollaborative500K€ - 5M€2 to 3 yearsRefundable advance up to 65%Run-of-river deposit
“Cascade funding” European projectsCollaborative or IndividualUp to 250 k€Variable according to the call for projectSubventionsSee the Terms of Reference for the Call for Projects reffered to
ClustersAppel à projets EurekaCollaborative3-5 M€2 to 4 yearsSubventionsRun-of-water deposit
EurostarsAppel à projets EurekaCollaborative2-3 M€2 to 3 yearsSubventionsMarch 2018
Fast Track To InnovationCollaborative1-5 M€1 to 2 yearsSubventionsConsult us

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