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USITAB, dare to simply digitalize your factory

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USITAB is specialized in the development of mobile applications connected to production lines, controlled by operational teams to improve industrial performance.

Adopted by the leading names in industry (Lesieur, McCormick, Bongrain, Thierry Bergeon Embouteillage, among others), USITAB brings added value to each key step in the production line by strengthenng the sense of well-being for operators and line managers: control over production disruption events, real-time decision making, analysis of data, security and regulations, ramp-up of team skills, oversight and portablity.

Interview with Loic Le Doussal, CEO of USITAB


  • Editorial Committee: Where would you situate your company’s innovation?

Loic Doussal (LD): The industrial context often leads to a loss of direction and a deterioration of the social climate:

  • multiplication of standards
  • pile-up of improvement methods
  • complexification of information systems
  • analysis of incomplete data
  • management of inefficient inputs and controls
  • not forgetting the exponential cost of non-decision making on the ground

Based on this observation, the importance of using new technologies for dematerialization and for optimized production in a straightforward, agile way seems obvious. Now is the time to enter the industry of the future, in order to gradually optimize the operation of production workshops and obtain gains in productivity while enhancing the work stations.

To give effect to this vision, we also support our customers via monitoring and tailored training to effectively use new technologies and digital, and thus help them make the transition to a factory 4.0.

This approach is now technically simple and rapid to implement, since proofs of concept serve to validate returns on investment. In short, “Daring to simply digitalize your factory” is within reach. As I said before, now is the time to embrace the industry of the future by gradually optimizing the operation of production workshops and obtaining gains in productivity, all while enhancing the work stations.

So take the plunge and go for it! Together, we can rebuild French Industry thanks to this industrial transition considering how, over the years, we have demonstrated our creativeness, our productivity and our genuine industrial expertise. So let’s build on this momentum!

  • EC: How did you go about developing your project?

LD: As a former industrialist working with major international agri-food groups such as McCormick or Coca-Cola, I have always sought to offer production operators a solution to their loss of direction.

In order to develop this project, I followed a business creation course in 2013 given by the IRCE in Aix en Provence. I then completed two fund-raising operations with Crédit Agricole, which in itself proves the importance of our solutions.

After that, USITAB received the 2015 Entreprendre Network award, and established its office within the Créativa business incubator. Lastly, we won the Mobility For Business prize, which rewards companies that work for digital transformation through mobility.

  • EC: What actions and deployments are currently in the pipeline?

LD: In 2017, we took on more and more talent to further our digitalization adventure. This allowed us to implement a number of actions in 2018 in terms of communication, marketing, research and development, and from a commercial perspective.

  • USITAB is from referenced as a Training Organization by Datadock, and offers tailored support for digitalizing factories.
  • We are present in various types of industry such as agri-food, assembly, mechanics, process and training centers. USITAB has thus opened up to other realms!
  • Station F, one of Xavier Niel’s projects, is the world’s biggest start-up campus, located in Paris. USITAB is lucky to be a part of it.
  • And finally, a new solution has seen the light of day: USICASE. It is suitable for all industrial players required to gather and analyze critical data from production lines, such as stoppages in mobile situations.
  • EC: Why did you join the SCS Cluster?

LD: We joined to gain a better understanding of the business mesh in the PACA region. We also seek to increase our visibility with the region’s industrialists by working in partnership with other SCS Cluster members.

  • EC: Has the SCS Cluster brought you what you were looking for?

LD: Yes, project consortiums have been undertaken in which we had a chance to pitch our project in front of potential clients and originators. We also have a number of projects that tie in with the “factory of the future” concept, in partnership with the SCS Cluster. We have benefited from meetings with some of the region’s leading factories to exchange ideas on different topics, as well as online conferences.

  • EC: What do you expect of the Cluster in the future?

LD : We hope to be identified as a driving force behind the digital transformation.


Loic Le Doussal

Address: Créativa Bât. Pierre Thomas – Site Agroparc – 546 rue Baruch de Spinoza, 84911 Avignon

Tel./Fax: +33 (0)4 32 44 46 69 – E-mail:


Twitter: usitab40

LinkedIn: Loic Le Doussal

Facebook: usitab

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