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Smart Mobility – Throwback at a week full of exchanges!

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New digital technologies enable clean, smart and safe mobility. Breathing clean air in a city, moving around easily, and being constantly safe is not a privilege.

SCS brought together on the Amadeus site in Sophia-Antipolis the leaders, technology providers and ideas that are fueling the revolution of new mobility, about to transform all territories into Europe. At the agenda, a morning of inspiring conferences to discuss the issues related to the acceleration of new mobilities and an afternoon of B2B meetings between the speakers and the audience.

This international meeting benefited from the visit of a European delegation of 12 clusters and companies in the automotive and digital sectors, as part of the Smart Mobility Mission in the frame of ClusterXchange and the European project EXCITE.


Amadeus aims to offer a wider choice of mobility options. More personalised, connected, sustainable and safe. Among them, inform each traveler about the sustainability criteria of their trip (water, CO2, …) to choose their journey according to their environmental impact and not only according to the price.

Instant system recalled the notion of ecosystem, a key element for New Mobilities (the more travel modes you have, the more people will use your platform) and the interest of an all-in-one solution for planning a trip ( on the user/traveller side) or to manage the mobility of a metropolis (on the services side).

For epicnpoc, innovation is above all on the side of the user experience and the way of living your trip, hence the notion of “life on board”.

Renault recalls that any regulation on energy transition has a major impact on the cost and therefore creates disruption. With Mobilize, Renault wants to position in services with the concept of “vehicle as a service”: a new business model to monetise data while working with many startups already positioned in the services market.

Cezigue is thus a startup in the service market and mentions that most applications are made by car manufacturers. She works with manufacturers and reflects on the best way to fill the “gap” between the car and the phone in order to make the services offered by the phone as accessible as possible.


La Smart Mobility Mission, organisée par SCS dans le cadre du projet EXCITE, a fédéré clusters et PMEs européens du 12 au 14 Octobre derniers sur la Côte d’Azur.

The delegation was composed of partner technology clusters  (Silicon Saxony-Germany, GAIA-Spain, DTI-Bulgaria, BHV-Lithuania, MCICIT-Poland, SoDA-Poland) et automobile (Chamber of Commerce Heilbronn-Germany, East Automotive Alliance-Poland), ainsi que les PME Score Digital-Poland, Bullcharge-Bulgaria, et PeLCer-Serbia.
The latter were able to exchange with our members during the numerous visits of our technological ecosystem in mobility and intelligent vehicle.


  • Day 1 – Discovery of the Smart Mobility ecosystem

With presentations of the Sophia Antipolis Technopole and the ENA project (autonomous shuttle), but also the Smart Vehicle 06 cluster by Team Côte d’Azur, the companies HitachiBenomad and Moabi, and the demonstration of the Epicnpoc cockpit simulation solution. The afternoon continued with very inspiring visits to SAP Labs and IMREDD, in terms of optimising electric vehicle charging and the innovation capabilities of our stakeholders for the city and mobility of tomorrow.

  • Day 2 – SCS New Mobilities Market Day at Amadeus

Conferences and B2B meetings

  • Day 3 – Presentation of autonomous vehicle research activities and discovery of use cases

With Ezio Malis & Philippe Martinet ( INRIA ), Paulo Moura ( IMREDD ) and Frederic Precioso & Diane Lindgrand ( Université Côte d’Azur ) then at Village by CA by the SMEs Trucksme and Wever, with the user testimonial of Crédit Agricole Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Full programme HERE

SCS would like to thank the member and partner companies and institutes who opened their doors and presented their activities , as well as to the European delegation for their kind interest and enriching exchanges.


  • February 2, 2023 at the École de l’Air (Salon de Provence) for the “AI-Defense & Security” Market Day organised by SCS & SAFE
    More info coming soon HERE
  • From November 29 to December 1, SCS brings 4 of its members on a B2B mission on the automotive market in Germany

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