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SCS supports you in integrating “Security By Design” development principles and developing a roadmap to increase the level of security of your current and future products and services.


Digitization has been underway for many years and is set to accelerate in the coming decades, particularly in the industrial sector. However, this digitization brings new risks and threats to industrial products and processes.

Indeed, the integration of digital technologies (sensors, IoT, Big Data, AI, etc.) creates potential weaknesses and new possibilities for malicious acts that can have damaging consequences on products and processes.

It is essential that digital technology providers take the security of their products and solutions into account from design stage: this is the principle of “Security by Design”.

To help you meet the requirements of your customers and partners, differentiate your products and comply with European security policies and standards, SCS supports you and brings you:

  • Awareness-raising information and good practices
  • Un plan d’actions clair et personnalisé spécialement destiné aux entreprises SCS développant des briques ou produits avec un besoin fort de sécurité
  • > A clear and personalized action plan specially intended for SCS companies developing bricks or products with a strong need for safety
  • Public co-financing from French institution “DIRECCTE PACA” in line with the national policy on economic security
  • ANSSI’s expertise in support of this action


Support by SCS:

  1. 8-day individual support to carry out an inventory and develop an roadmap
  2. An audit of sensitive points with a complete analysis report
  3. Preparation for security certification if necessary


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Stéphanie SCHOHN

Event and Ecosystem Director

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  • 38.6 billion connected devices expected by 2025 and 50 billion by 2030 (according to Strategy Analytics, 2019 study)
  • 9 times more cyber attacks suffered by connected objects in the space of one year (between the first half of 2018 and 2019), going from 12 to 105 million attacks (Source Kaspersky, 2019)
  • Enisa, the European network security agency, is working on a certification of secure connected objects for 2023 (Source JDN, 2019)

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